In this post you can follow the standard way installing the aws tooling with brew and do the standard process.

But the magic it’s here on repo which the people made great consolidation on what to use! Shout out to the team for creating an easy way to get ahead !

So let’s all open our terminal and do the following :
In case you don’t have homebrew installed on your mac
Installation below:

/bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL"

Then the magic :

brew install aws/k8s-tools

It works on Mac and Linux.





So we are in the year of 2022 and everyone talks about orchestration and containerisation which the amazing transformation of the digital world and shift from the traditional systems (VM and Servers) to modernised Infrastructure and microservices.

The question is how many thinking about the limitations of the modernised infrastructure and how the applying the best practices .

Also the Answer it’s not vertical scaling and neither horizontal scaling and of course not autoscaling.

THE real answer to it is read the Documentation for the best practices and do best practices research to achieve your dream Infrastructure and ✅ the box for successfully the journey on your digital transformation, project and organisation.

Relevant links :